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11am to 10pm daily



9029 7616


Xi Men Ding, a well-known place in Taipei where the young and old gather to play, eat and drink. Most of all to savour authentic delicious Taiwanese street snacks and food. In 2005, XiMenJie was established, to serve locals their favourite Taiwanese food even when they’re far away from Taiwan. In XiMenJie, we serve fast, piping hot, yummy Taiwanese food which includes our all-time favourites: BraisedPork Rice, Oysters Mee Sua, and the Fried Chicken Cutlet. Whenever you crave for Taiwanese foods, XiMenJie is the place to visit! In the near future, we will bring to you –our loyal customers — unique Asian cuisine. With our own delivery platform, we look forward to your continuous support as we desire to serve and fulfil your every satisfaction

台北市-西門町,有很多特色美食不管吃喝玩乐都在这个地方。因此,2005年我们打造了西門街,让食客在本地就能品尝到垂涎欲滴的各种台湾美食。西门街的招牌美食有卤肉饭, 珍珠蚝仔面线,卡啦炸鸡排等等…..“西门街”的台湾料理是以热腾腾又快捷的方式呈现给大家。想吃美味的台湾料理一定要到西門街!未来西门街将会为顾客带来奇特速食的东南亚美食。敬请期待也很珍惜大家的支持