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Wheat – Established since 1947 | Your Baking Essential

Co-Operate Associates Pte Ltd, which was originally known as Sin Chew Bakery Association, has a rich history which spans all the way to 1947, established with the intention to unite and promote the development of the baking industry in Singapore.

The association helps local bakeries to grow their businesses and procuring baking essentials at a lower price. With the intention of uniting and promoting the development of the baking industry, The association managed to obtain the necessary resources to expand which the members were able to use them as needed. In addition, the association managed to expand rapidly and grew to greater heights with its members’ welfare and interests being their center of focus, eventually getting financial support from its members. One great example demonstrated was renting an office unit and a van, loaning to its members if their delivery vehicles had breakdowns.

The association worked closely with the Wheat Association of America as part of its endeavour. It was because of this early relationship that they decided on using ‘Wheat’ as their logo. Today, the association is a private entity and continuing to supply baking essential to businesses and individuals while a new retail store “Wheat” is being set up to meet the growing needs of home bakers and enthusiasts in Singapore.

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