NTUC Health Denticare



Opening Hours

9am – 6pm (Monday & Tuesday)
5pm – 9pm (Wednesday)
9am – 9pm (Thursday)
9am – 6pm (Friday)
9am – 9pm (Saturday)
8.30am – 12pm (Sunday)



6590 4300

NTUC Health Denticare

NTUC Health Denticare is an NTUC social enterprise that provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of quality and affordable health and eldercare services to meet the growing needs of families and their dependents. Building on more than four decades of experience and expertise, NTUC Health is among the largest senior day care, nursing home and home personal care providers in Singapore. It also offers other services for seniors such as an active ageing hub, senior activity centres, community support for vulnerable seniors, and a sheltered / senior group home. In addition, it runs a chain of dental clinics, and a family medicine clinic. For more information, please visit www.ntuchealth.sg.