My Home Cafe



Opening Hours

12am to 9pm daily



8251 6971

My Home Cafe

Craving Indonesian food? My Home Cafe is well-known for its authentic Indonesian cuisines, such as the highly praised Martabak Budi (sweet pancake) and the one and only Mie Ayam Rica (spicy chicken noodles with 4 levels of spiciness) in Singapore!

Their food and noodles are mostly made from scratch, ensuring the best quality and taste. My Home Cafe can be considered a new player in the hood, but it has gained followers and rated 4.9/5 stars on Google reviews.

Their Perkedel (a unique and yummy fried potato meatball with melted cheese inside) is in very high demand. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to order one as it is sold out very fast!

Drop them a visit and try their other bestselling Indonesian cuisines, such as Pempek Palembang, Soto Betawi, Chicken Rendang, and many more.